How to Create a Spectacular, Alien Planet with Spiral Rings from Scratch! 🌌

Step 1

Open a new document in photoshop and make the width: 1920px, the height: 1080px and the resolution: 72px, color mode: RGB and 8 bit per channel and background Contents: Black . Then click on “Create”.

Step 2

Click the new layer icon to make a new layer.

and open the “Elliptical Marquee Tool”.

hold Alt or Option+Shift and drag out a circular selection.

Step 3

Go to Select > Modify >Feather

Feather it 50px

Step 4

Open the gradient tool and click the radial gradient to make it active

Click the gradient bar and click the “black, white” thumbnail.

Click the lower-left stop and the color box, pick the white color(#ffffff) then click “OK”.

Click the lower-right stop and the color box, in the hexadecimal field, type in: #4BOOFF then click “OK”

Click below the gradient bar to add the third step, in the location field type in 30%. Click the color box and type in: #D27DFF and click “OK” twice to close both windows.

Step 5

Go to the center of the selection and press and hold shift as you drag the gradient tool.

Deselect it by pressing Ctrl or Cmd+D

Step 6

To center it on the document, Open your move Tool and press Ctrl or Cmd+A. Click the “Align horizontal center” icon and the Align “Vertical centers” icon. Then press Ctrl or Cmd +D to deselect it.

Step 7

Press Ctrl or Cmd+T to open your transform tool. In the width field: type in 220% and in the Height field, type in 70% and then click the check bar to accept it.

Step 8

Go to Filter > Distort > Twirl.

Slide the Angle all the way to write and click “OK”.

Step 9

Go to Edit > Transform > Perspective

Step 10

We’ll need more room, Zoom out the document by pressing Ctrl and Cmd and the Minus key on the keyboard 2–3 times.

Go to the bottom corner and drag out and then press Enter or Return twice.

To Zoom back in Press Ctrl or Cmd and the plus key a few times.

Step 11

Make a copy of the layer by pressing Ctrl or Cmd+J. Change the blend mode to “Soft light”.

reduce the size of the copy using the Transform Tool. To open it press Ctrl or Cmd+T.

Go to the corner and when you see a diagonal, double arrow, press and hold Alt or Option+Shift as you drag it in. Then press enter or return.

Step 12

Click the new layer icon to make a new layer. Open your “Elliptical Marquee Tool” and go to the center of the spiral.

As before, drag out a circle approximately this size.

Step 13

Go to Select > Modify > Feather

Feather it 50 pixels.

Step 14

Check the foreground and background color if they’re not black and white respectively press “D” on your keyboard.

Since white is the background color, press Ctrl or Cmd+Delete. Then press Ctrl or Cmd+D. Change its blend mode to “Soft light”.

Step 15

Make a new layer. Go to the center of the spiral and drag out another circular selection approximately this size.

Step 16

Go to Select > Modify > Feather.

Feather it 2 pixels.

Step 17

Click the foreground color and type in: #11207B and press ”OK”. TO fill the selection with the foreground color, press Alt or option +Delete then Deselect it

Step 18

Click the mask layer icon to make a layer mask next to the planet.

Open your brush tool and brush picker.

Make its hardness : 0% and the opacity and the flow is 100%.

To adjust the size of the brush, make sure the capsLock is off and press the left or right bracket key on the keyboard.

Carefully brush over the planet following the arc of the brightest rings.

Step 19

Double click the thumbnail of the planet to open its layer-style window.

Click “inner Glow”. If the color box isn’t white, click it and pick white. Make the blend mode: color dodge, opacity: 88%, and Noise: 1%, technique: softer, source: center, chock: 34%, and the size: 147px.

Step 20

Click “Salin”. choose the color: white and color mode: Color Dodge, opacity: 48%, angle: 143, distance: 134px and the size: 139px, conture: “Cone-Assymetrical”, check invert.

Step 21

Click outer glow. The color is white and Blend mode: color dodge, opacity: 35%, the spread: 0%, and the size: 250px, contour: “Valley-High” and the range: 100%

Step 22

Select all the layers except the background layer and open the transform tool. Go to the corner and when you see a curved, double-arrow, rotate it counterclockwise to an angle you like.

Step 23

Make the black background active.

Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise.

Make the Amount 100 %, select Gaussian Distribution and check Monochromatic. Click on “Ok”.

Go to filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur

Blur it 0.5 px and click “OK

Adjust its level by pressing Ctrl+L or Cmd+L

For the input black, type in 208, and the input white type in 237

Click the new layer icon to make a new layer. Fill the layer with the foreground color by pressing Alt+Delete on the window or option+Delete on Mac.

Go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare

Drag the Flare to the upper left corner, Make the brightness: 130% and the lens type: 50–300mm Zoom, and then click “OK

Change the blend mode to Screen.

Congratulations, You’re Done 🎉

Thanks ❤️for following this tutorial, and I hope you’ve learned something new from it. Feel free to leave your comments 💬 in the box below — I’d love to see them. Enjoy Photoshopping!

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